Media: MTS is going to buy the largest Internet cinema in Russia ivi.ru

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Media: MTS is going to buy the largest Internet cinema in Russia ivi.ru | Kanobu - Image 1

RBC journalists, citing their own sources, said that MTS is negotiating a 100% acquisition of the leading online cinema in Russia, ivi.ru, for about 20 billion rubles. But, according to one of the stakeholders, not all auctioneers are willing to sell the company at that price.

According to the publication, MTS is thus going to get an additional source of income, since the traditional mobile and fixed-line communications business is practically not growing. However, this is not the only attempt of the corporation to make money on the side. For example, in 2018, she bought the eSports club Gambit Esports, and in this, she launched a platform for gamers WASD.

A top manager of one of the video services stressed that rumors about the sale of ivi went last year, but then the company valued itself a bit more modest – at 15.7 billion rubles. Most likely, it has risen in price because of the success in 2018, when the online cinema earned 3.94 billion rubles for paid services and advertising.

The MTS representative in a conversation with RBC noted that he did not know anything about the proposed deal, and the ivi press service declined to comment at all.

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