Madman cooked pizza with watermelon. Is it worse than with pineapple or not?

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The Internet has long been joking about pizza with pineapples. But what about pizza with watermelon? Yes, this also exists. Moreover, a user of Reddit under the nickname WatermelonOnPizza222 admitted that he constantly bakes it. But his friend was not enthusiastic about such an experiment.

According to the forum participant, he is often called crazy because of this, but until recently, he did not encounter problems. One day, he decided to invite his friend named John for homemade pizza. He gave the owner the choice of filling. When WatermelonOnPizza222 announced that he wanted to make pizza with watermelon, his friend agreed and even said, they say, it sounds delicious.

I thought he was absolutely serious. <…> When the pizza was ready, he shouted: “What the hell ?!” He was really embarrassed that I added watermelon to it.

The user noted that John was very angry because of this, so he made another pizza. Nevertheless, after about an hour, they both laughed at this situation.

However, in the comments, many supported WatermelonOnPizza222, because he did exactly what John agreed with, even if it was strange. However, one of the forum participants called pizza with watermelon a new circle of hell.

The network drew attention to the crazy advertising of a Mexican restaurant with dancing Thanos on the background of mouth-watering dishes.
Did you know that Yandex recently conducted research to find out where in Russia they like shawarma more, and where shawarma?

And do you think watermelon pizza is normal?

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