LGBT bloggers believe YouTube specifically demonizes their videos

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A group of LGBT bloggers filed a lawsuit against YouTube in a federal court because Google allegedly discriminated against their content. According to YouTube, the platform holder limits their ability to monetize videos without recommending videos to other users.

According to their group statement, the company uses some “illegal methods of regulation, distribution and monetization of content that stigmatize, restrict, block, demonetize and cause financial damage to the entire LGBT community.”

YouTube’s algorithms have long seemed very strange to bloggers, but Google still refuses to disclose the principles by which they work. Plaintiffs believe that company employees and platform algorithms are biased towards videos that contain words such as “gay,” “lesbian,” and “bisexual.”

At the same time, last week, YouTube head Susan Wojbitski announced that the platform cannot automatically demonize LGBT content. She emphasized that video hosting algorithms work as impartially as possible.

Google recently updated its algorithms to make less porn when searching for lesbian content.

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