Ksenia Sobchak spoke about trying to reconcile BadComedian and Kinodanz. Bedu has something to say to that.

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Ksenia Sobchak spoke about trying to reconcile BadComedian and Kinodanz. Bedu has something to answer | Kanobu - Image 1

Ksenia Sobchak recorded a video in which she described how she tried to help Eugene BadComedian Bazhenov in his confrontation with Kinodanz, agreed with Kinodanz to withdraw the claim under certain conditions, and Eugene allegedly took it and refused. Here, however, there are nuances.

According to Sobchak, the only condition for Kinodanz representatives is publicity, the opportunity to voice their own position, and Bazhenov simply said “no” and referred to the need to discuss everything with lawyers.

First of all, Evgeny, in his commentary, JYu stressed that he did not give consent to the publication of personal conversations with Xenia and that his answer was cut off to a simple “no” without explanation: this is not so, and he is ready for the meeting, but in the presence of lawyers. He refused the offer Sobchak because it seemed suspicious to him.

EVERYTHING is trying to reach Kinodans: every media (or almost everybody) called for a comment, tried to ask someone from there, but no one could get even a grain of comment, even after so much time. And then suddenly, Ksenia Sobchak in one day agrees with everyone already on the rejection of the claim. But here is the condition: to come to her on the transfer and meet there with "Kinodansom."

Grounds for mistrust in Eugene enough:

Why they agreed on what conditions, why it is necessary to come to the program for publicity, if they have a public, they have a channel, they have media attention, and the same Xenia channel. Why not give all your arguments in support of a lawsuit there? Well, or why not pick up a lawsuit and say so. And if I do not come, they will not take? Why? ITD ITP, questions fueled concerns. Well, judging by the events with the publication of personal correspondence and alter the words, my fears were only supplemented.

Meanwhile, Kinodanz has declared its readiness to go to the world and through traditional media.

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