Kristen Stewart recommended hiding orientation for the sake of a career

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Kristen Stewart has a girlfriend, and she is not shy. But influential people told her that it would be better if she kept this a secret.

In a conversation with Harperʼs Bazaar, Stewart talked about her orientation (she refuses to give herself a definition – “bisexual” does not suit her) and how she influenced her career. “They told me directly:“ Do yourself a favor and do not hold your hand in public with your girlfriend – so, look, and you will get into the Marvel movie. ” I don’t want to work with such people. ”

Stewart became famous for the role of Bella Swan in Twilight more than ten years ago. Now she is back in mainstream cinema in Charlie's Angels.

Watch the trailer for Charlie's Angels. Stuart in it in the foreground.
They say DC wants to see Batgirl look like Kristen Stewart.

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