Instagram will remove the “Subscriptions” tab: follow other users will not work

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From the Instagram application, remove the “Subscriptions” tab, indicated by a heart in the bottom panel. Now it shows the subscriptions, comments and likes of the people the user is subscribed to, but soon only the actions associated with his account will remain.

The “Subscriptions” tab appeared on Instagram in 2011 and was needed to search for new content, but then the “Interesting” tab took over its functions. Now, the creators decided to remove the ability to monitor the actions of other users, due to several reasons.

Instagram believes that a very small percentage of people use “Subscriptions”, and the application seeks an even more simplified interface, so deleting this tab is logical. And the leadership believes that this tab has long been used not for the purpose for which it was originally intended, and users often don’t like that all their actions on the social network are open for viewing by almost anyone.

Instagram will remove the “Subscriptions” tab: it will no longer follow other users | Kanobu - Image 1

In test mode, the familiar tab with a heart began to be removed from August, but now it will disappear for everyone within a week.

And the other day, Facebook introduced the Threads app for Instagram users.

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