In the acts to the law on the isolation of the runet found even more impossible requirements.

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In the acts to the law on the isolation of runet, they found even more impossible requirements | Kanobu - Image 1

On April 16, the State Duma adopted a law on “sovereign runet”, which will come into force on November 1. On the same day, Yandex warned that the proposed law was technically impracticable, and later other experts commented on acts to this law in the same vein. Among them – the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

The proposals of the Ministry of Communications on the implementation of the law as a measure to combat phishing – the substitution of one website address for another – indicated the transfer of the entire RuNet to VPN connections to the national domain name system. According to RSPP, this

It imposes substantial unreasonable burdens on all market participants not provided for by federal law.

Also according to the document, the Russian national domain zone will consist of sites .RU, .РФ and .SU. The last zone causes questions – .SU was intended for the Soviet Union and can be eliminated, as it happened with .YU – the Yugoslav zone.

Moreover, the draft regulation on the national system of domain names implies its mandatory use by users of communication services. RSPP considers:

The implementation of the mandatory obligation to use only the national domain name system is technologically impossible.

This opinion is shared by VimpelCom, which owns Beeline.

The wording of this clause is tantamount to a ban on access to Internet sites located outside of Russia.

Mikhail Klimarev, Executive Director of the Internet Protection Society, stressed that the impracticable requirements of the by-laws are not surprising: the law itself is the same.

The law is so absurd, and this has been repeatedly stressed by experts during the State Duma’s consideration, that it is a difficult task to write a decent by-law base for it.

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