In Portland lives a cat that fits into any movie. She may even scare the hobbits!

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In Portland lives a cat that fits into any movie. She may even scare the hobbits! | Kanobu - Image 1

Remember, a short clip recently scattered on the Internet with a cat trying to find hobbits from the Lord of the Rings, who hid a can of tuna from it? Pet name is actually Lizzy, but she is best known online under the pseudonym OwlKitty.

Hosts Lizzy live in Portland, and in free time they shoot it, and then they put in famous scenes of popular films. In the cat's instagram there are already enough of such videos.

In one of the commercials, the authors said that they began to do this banal from a bitch, and suddenly their unusual work began to gain popularity among Internet users.

I worked at home, freelancing and spent a lot of time with cats. I thought: “What should I do in my free time?” And I decided to combine two favorite things – montage and seals. This makes some sense.

When we put the green screen, the cat starts to run, because he knows that we will play with her. <…> We created this account because we wanted to show stupid videos to our friends. However, we did not think that they would become so popular.

In one of the latest commercials, for example, the couple showed how John Snow from Game of Thrones has fun with his cat.

In another video in the scene from the finale of Avengers: War of Infinity, Lizzy replaced Thor.

Admit it, you wanted to see how Chris Pratt in the "Jurassic World" tames two giant cats?

If you thought that in Tokyo, Godzilla is most afraid of, then we hurry to disappoint you. Tremble before OwlKitty!

A visual guide to taming a domestic cat.

Just do not forget to bow to Lizzy first!

The main thing – do not try to chase away your pet, he will definitely not like it.

Marvel it is time to pay attention to the concept Iron cats. At least someone in the kinovelennaya will compete with Gus from "Captain Marvel"!

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