Ilya Maddison was convicted for a joke on the Koran

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Ilya Maddison was convicted for a joke on the Koran | Kanobu - Image 1

TV channel "360" reports that Ilya Maddison was convicted. In 2018, he received it for a joke about the Quran, pronounced in the 2012 video. Confirmation can be found on the website of the Tushinsky Court of Moscow.

"360" also reports that Illya himself filed a petition after softening Article 282 for extremism, but in an interview with TJ he stated that he did not know anything about it. Whether the petition was filed by his lawyers is not reported.

In 2018, Ilya Maddison was given a 1.5 year suspended sentence for extremist statements on the Internet. All because of a joke about the Quran and toilet paper. Moreover, after it began to threaten him.

Ilya also recently returned the channel on Twitch. Streamer was banned after it was fired from a fake weapon during a broadcast.

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