Idris Elba choked on sharp chicken wings and became a meme about awkward situations

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Recently, Idris Elba looked at the Hot Ones online show, in which he had to eat damn sharp chicken wings and answer questions from the host. The actor was doing great, but at some point, he still could not cope with their severity.

Of course, soon netizens pulled the moment with coughing Idris Elba to memes about extremely awkward situations.

During the meal, Jesus says: “One of you will betray me.”


When you eat in a restaurant, and she suddenly asks: “Who are we for each other?”

When you enjoy a date, and she asks about your girlfriend.

When people really eat avocados with toast after they have uploaded a photo on Instagram.

The wedding of Joffrey Lannister in the fourth season of Game of Thrones.

When the dinner goes well, and he gives out: “Do you still chat with any of the guys?”

Insiders previously reported that Idris Elba could become the new Deadshot in restarting the Suicide Squad. He was even painted in this image! However, the role of the actor has not yet been confirmed.

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