“He is looking for revenge” – Bill Skarsgård explained how Penny will be in the sequel “It”

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“He's Looking for Revenge” - Bill Skarsgård Explains How Penny's Will Be in Ono's Sequel | Kanobu - Image 1

Bill Skarsgard, who plays Pennyvayza in It, gave an interview for Entertainment Weekly. In it, he explained how the demonic clown will be in the second part of the picture.

Since the first film, 27 years have passed. How has the Penny changed?

He is constantly in the process, so he has not changed in terms of appearance. He takes any shape depending on the victim. But it seems to me that something is still there.

His storyline in the first film is that he is experiencing fear for the first time. In the end, he says: "Fear …" For him, this is new, he is shocked and surprised. What it is?

According to Bill, the clown has a goal.

He is seeking revenge. She provokes hatred and anger towards children who will be adults in this film, so Penny can become even worse. He goes after them.

Also, the actor said that he had to get rid of the character for a long time after the shooting of the first film. He was so immersed in the image that he began to have nightmares.

I did away with the film, but I began to dream vivid and strange dreams about him. He came every night. Sometimes he was as if separately, and sometimes I became him. I once became a Penny and was upset that people see me. It was a process of getting rid of the monster.

Soon the sequel trailer should be released.

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