Google tests fingerprint authorization

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Google tests fingerprint authorization | Kanobu - Image 1

Google makes it easy to log in to different accounts on Android smartphones. After introducing a new function to enter various services, you can not remember a bunch of passwords, but simply attach a finger.

The new fingerprint identification feature so far only works on smartphones from the Google Pixel line, but in the coming days it will appear on all Android smartphones running Android 7.0 and higher. In particular, it can be used once for all user accounts on the Google Password Manager site.

Google tests fingerprint authorization | Kanobu - Image 2

Google especially emphasizes that the company does not store fingerprints of users on its servers. They are stored on their smartphones, and the system simply receives a notification that the user has confirmed his fingerprint.

In addition to entering through a fingerprint, user authentication is also available in the old fashion: using a PIN code, password, scanner or graphic key.

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