Fans fantasize what other sex secrets "Harry Potter" can reveal JK Rowling

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Fans fantasize what other sex secrets Harry Potter can reveal. JK Rowling | Kanobu - Image 1

The recent news from Joanne Rowling herself about the “passionate love relationship” of Dumbledore and Grindelwald has thoroughly stirred up fans and ordinary people. Many believe that with such provocative statements, the writer only stirs interest. However, her approach was a great occasion for jokes. Now, fans are trying to guess what other dirty secrets of the Harry Potter universe we can find out soon.

No one:
Rowling: Do you know how Crybaby Myrtle got her nickname? I'll tell you. It began when a particularly lustful student heard her cry …

No one:
Nobody at all:
Rowling: Voldemort and Dumbledore had a threesome with Dobby.

Rowling: Rita Skeeter had dyslexia.

I: Pr …
Rowling: Hagrid eats wands, therefore, suffers from obesity.

Lightning: JK Rowling said that Hagrid smokes a lot of grass.

Did Rowling have sex with a cat?

Rowling: Dobby was a "pussy killer."

No one:
Rowling: Ron also had sex with his cat.

Rowling: Dementors scream when they ejaculate.

No one:
Rowling: Fleur Delacour was "the girl on camera."

No one:
Rowling: Victor Kram asked Hermione for photographs of her feet.

No one:
Rowling: The original name was "Harry Potter and the Election Room."

Fans fantasize what other sex secrets Harry Potter can reveal. JK Rowling | Kanobu - Image 2

<К черту все>, Harry likes porn with loli.

Professor X: What are your super powers?
Rowling: I can rewrite the past of fictional characters.
Gay Professor X: Curious.

JK Rowling is trying to keep his interest.

No one:
Rowling: Hagrid had sex with a green M & M.

Directed by JK Rowling.

No one:
Rowling: Hogwarts was full of diversity, especially in the case of gays, very homoerotic, and there were a lot of blacks and Jews there, I just did not write about it, but they are there, trust me.
Someone: Ma'am, this is Wendyʼs.

And with the fruits of Rowling's creativity, we will be able to face it during the release of the third part of “Fantastic Beasts”, the script of which the writer deals with.

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