Criticism's reviews of "It 2": a deep horror or a set of banal horror stories?

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Online reviews appeared on "It 2" by Andres Musketti. His ratings are moderately positive: based on 20 reviews, he has 61 points on Metacritic.


“Psychologically merciless sequel. Everything is as it should be: deeper, worse, more fun. In particular, it is worth noting Muschetti, who skillfully guided us through a breathtaking attraction. It’s indecently cool. ”


“Although some comedic moments are inappropriate and some creative decisions raise questions,“ It 2 ​​”concludes with an impressive third act with one of the most humane, touching and emotional endings.”

The Telegraph:

“The acting of Skarsgård, with its ominous childishness and sarcastic self-pity, remains a key instrument in Musketti's skillful hands. But the "Losers" came out so-so: together they are less convincing than when they were children. "

The Hollywood Reporter:

"Although Musketti sometimes finds cute cinematic ways to move from one story to another, they do not resonate emotionally with each other – as they could in a series of several skillfully shot hourly episodes."

The Guardian:

“Like the first film,“ It 2 ​​”becomes a virtual non-narrative anthology of banal horror stories that can be shuffled and shown in any order. But the second time your patience with this is tested to the limit, because, unlike the first part, the second is insanely prolonged. "


“It 2” is an obvious failure. The film has no objective strengths that can even cover some of the shortcomings and overt errors. And the director is solely to blame for this.

The premiere of "It 2" will be held on September 5.

The first reviews of the film were mixed too.
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