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Blizzard players boycott after Hong Kong esports incident

Blizzard players boycott after Hong Kong esports incident

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Pestering cosplayers in public – is it bad or not? The network because of this scandal unfolded

After IgroMir and Comic Con Russia, a scandal erupted on the Internet amid the attitudes of exhibition visitors to cosplayers.

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After the release of "The Joker", pornhub visitors are actively interested in a crazy clown

Porn – it would seem, the last thing that should have been reminded of the gloomy and oppressive film by

Moscow 24 called Hideo Kojima a former loser. Fans Furious

On October 6, Olga Raspopova, editor of the Style section of The City news portal from Moscow 24, released material

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Instagram will remove the “Subscriptions” tab: follow other users will not work

From the Instagram application, remove the “Subscriptions” tab, indicated by a heart in the bottom panel. Now it shows the

How the Internet reacted to the official announcement of the PS5

Today, Sony officially announced that it will release the PlayStation 5 before the end of 2020 (even though the console

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Facebook introduced Threads app for Instagram users

Facebook has released the Threads app. The novelty is being promoted as a service for communication, chat and video calls

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On the Internet they sell the Troika card autographed by Kojima. For only 55 thousand rubles

On "Yule" there was an advertisement for the sale of the Moscow Troika card autographed by Hideo Kojima. There are

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Perfectly impossible future – a selection of artworks in the style of retro-futurism

All fans of the Fallout series probably know what retrofuturism is. This area is dedicated to future technologies that look

Russian accused Apple of “bringing to homosexuality” and sued

A letter came to the editorial office of “Says Moscow” with a copy of the lawsuit from a certain D.