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Hellboy debuts in Japanese wrestling. There are training videos

In japanese twitter account A new “Hellboy” announcement appeared – at the next All Japan Pro Wrestling event, Hellboy himself

How the Internet reacted to Sony’s divorce from Marvel and Spider-Man’s departure from the MCU

On August 20, it became known that Sony and Marvel could not agree on further cooperation, so the paths of

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“A man flew into space and got stuck between cabinets”: how people look for films if they don’t remember the name

Recently, Yandex analysts conducted a study to find out what details in the films impress the audience most. And for

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Blogger PewDiePie finally married Marcia Bizonin. He proposed to her more than a year ago!

The most popular YouTube blogger, Felix Chelberg, also known as PewDiePie, tweeted to his subscribers that he had finally married

Eric Davidich told Basta about himself and about the way the zone

Autoblogger Eric "Davidych" Kituashvili looked at the Internet show "# QuestionRebrom", where he answered all kinds of questions from guests

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Hell Queen: Octokuro Hellboy NSFW Cosplay for Women

The model, under the pseudonym Octokuro, published several stunning and sometimes very frank photographs in her public VKontakte, in which

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How the internet reacted to the Inside Xbox presentation with gamescom 2019

On August 19, Micrsoft hosted the Inside Xbox stream, timed to the start of gamescom 2019. Here's how the public

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How the internet reacted to the gamescom 2019 opening ceremony

On August 19, the Gamescom 2019 opening ceremony was held by Jeff Kayleigh. Many announcements took place on it and

Indonesian film adaptation of GTA: San Andreas – this is 15 minutes of a masterpiece

The Indonesian YouTube channel Mindplace Studios released a movie adaptation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is already more

How Russian-speaking celebrities learned English

How Russian-speaking celebrities learned English