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On the Internet, new flashmob – Asians are trying to keep a cup of coffee on their chest

Kiseki Himura, the manga artist Sword Art Online: Progressive, tweets new montages every Monday. So, on June 10, he laid

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BadComedian and Kinodanz went to the world, the closure of the channel is canceled

Yevgeny BadComedian Bazhenov and Kinodanz film companies still managed to find a common language, because the claim for 1 million

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These Telegram bots will help you find leaked mail passwords and punch your phone using GetContact.

Telegram bots have long been used for everything from fun with pictures to getting important information. Some of them may

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In Hong Kong, even porn sites have joined the protests: “Hong Kong is dying. Are you still jerking off? ”

China is slowly integrating Hong Kong into itself, and Hong Kongers who are not used to autonomy are not happy

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Yuri Khovansky is now helping the State Duma to work with young people

RIA Novosti reports that blogger Yuri Khovansky has become an assistant to the youngest State Duma deputy Vasily Vlasov. Now

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Jack Black said that he launched the YouTube channel after the failure of his show on television

The actor and musician Jack Black has a YouTube channel Jablinski Games, which already has a little more than 4

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"Communists of Russia" accused the authors of "Chernobyl" in a lie and demand to block the series

Party "Communists of Russia" demanded from Roskomnadzor to block on the territory of the Russian Federation the mini-series "Chernobyl" from

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10 funny phrases from Soviet cartoons in English

83 years have passed since the creation of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio. Skyeng magazine has collected a selection of translations

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Best memes and jokes about E3 2019

We collected reactions to the individual E3 2019 conferences during their holding, however, the echoes of some of the events

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Ilya Maddison was convicted for a joke on the Koran

TV channel "360" reports that Ilya Maddison was convicted. In 2018, he received it for a joke about the Quran,