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CinemaCon showed two scenes from Avengers: Final. That's what was there

Disney showed two scenes from Avengers: The Finals at the ComicCon event. The IGN edition was there and retold their

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David Harbor joins Black Widow cast

The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Harbor joined the caste of the solo film about the Black Widow, who was

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Americans sell tickets to the Avengers: Final at crazy prices. And some buy them!

April 2 in America started selling tickets for future sessions of the Avengers: Final. The film immediately broke the record

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Vin Diesel hinted that he would act in the sequel "Avatar"

Vin Diesel, best known for "Fast and the Furious," published in his instagram video from the set of future Avatars,

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In Yekaterinburg School, parents were told about the dangers of anime. Even cosplay to the good will not bring!

On April 2, in the Yekaterinburg school, a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Valery

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The film "The Avengers: Finals" received insanely beautiful new poster

On the cover of the magazine Marvel Previews got a new poster "Avengers: Final". And it turned out to be

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In the network appeared fresh footage of "Terminator: Dark Destiny" with Sarah Connor and other heroes

The IGN edition shared a couple of exclusive shots from the upcoming Terminator, which received the subtitle Dark Fate, in

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Mark Strong could play the main villain in "X-Men: First Class"

Mark Strong recently told ComingSoon that Matthew Vaughn, the director of X-Men: First Class, initially offered to play the evil

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Avatar: The Legend of Aange could have a fourth season. It was canceled for a horrible movie.

It turned out that the animated series “Avatar: The Legend of Aange” adored by many could get the fourth season,

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That's who will play the main roles in the Cowboy Bebop Netflix adaptation

We have already reported that Netflix removes its own adaptation of the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Now it became known