Canadian premiere tranry exposed in video game

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Canadian premiere tranry exposed in video game | Kanobu - Image 1

Rocketfuel Games has released the mobile runner Aura of Power, dedicated to the former Prime Minister of the Canadian province of Albert Alison Redford. This is the site of the Edmonton Journal.

Creative director of Rocketfuel Games Jason Suriano came up with the game after reading about the report of the chief auditor of the province of Mervan Sahera. It said that Redford flew on a state-owned plane for personal matters with taxpayers' money. Saher used the phrase “Aura of Power” (Rus. “Aura of power”) in relation to officials who abuse their powers. Snappy turnover sold on social networks, and then Surian dawned.

In Aura of Power, players run Redford. They need to get to the penthouse at the Sky Palace Hotel, and on the way jump over journalists, collect diamonds and burn taxpayers' money. True, the former prime minister never gets to the hotel, because the road will be endless. The game was released on Android and iOS.

Politicians themselves expose each other in video games. In August 2014, the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) released the free campaign campaign platformer Mission Majority, in which the main character must collect the keys in order to get as many volunteers for the election campaign as possible. The protagonist, the elephant Jioppy, is hindered by tax collectors, who were hounded by Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and US President Barack Obama.

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