Californians can trade fierce ice cream games

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Californians can trade fierce ice cream games | Kanobu - Image 1

Ed berberian

In October 2014, in the California district of Marin, it will be possible to exchange violent video games and toy weapons for Ben & Jerry ice cream. This was the site of the Marin Independent Journal.

The action was invented by the district attorney Ed Berberian, who two years ago had offered Marin residents to get ice cream in exchange for firearms. Then, residents handed over 857 units worth more than $ 100 thousand. According to Berberian, in conflict situations, children use the experience gained in games. If you protect them from weapons and cruelty, there will be a chance to change their habits.

The Family Prosperity Center and the ice cream maker Ben & Jerry have joined the prosecutor’s new venture. Toys and violent video games can be passed from 4 to 25 October in four cities in Marin County. The organizers do not specify how many delicacies the participants will receive.

In early 2013, Mayor Melrose in Massachusetts held a similar action. Then the city authorities gave coupons for various services in exchange for toy weapons, violent games and movies.

Marin County was formed in 1850 in the north of the US state of California. More than 200 thousand people live in it. There are several game studios in the district, including Telltale Games, 2K Marin, Visual Concepts.

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