Bethesda listened to the fans – in The Elder Scrolls VI will appear "grandmother-yutuber" Shirley Curry

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Bethesda listened to the fans - in The Elder Scrolls VI appears "grandmother-yutuber" Shirley Curry | Kanobu - Image 1

If you remember, last year we already wrote that the community of fans of the series The Elder Scrolls asked Bethesda to perpetuate in the next game of the series 82-year-old Shirley Curry. Shirley has long been the title of "the oldest game YouTube" in the world, and due to the warm attitude towards the audience, she has many fans.

And now, six months after this request, Bethesda released a video dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the TES series. In the video, the authors talked about previous games and about working on a new part of the series – and at the same time they confirmed that Shirley would end up in The Elder Scrolls VI (see, starting at 8:40)!

“Grandma Shirley” was transferred to the game thanks to photogrammetry technology – with the help of it, for example, the landscape is also added to the game. Curry herself has already confirmed that this is not all a duck, and a character based on her appearance will appear in the game:

Todd "Buy Skyrim" Howard, by the way, separately urged fans to be patient – according to him, that TES 6, that Starfield is still too far from release, and they will not appear on the coming E3 2019.

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