After the release of "The Joker", pornhub visitors are actively interested in a crazy clown

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Porn – it would seem, the last thing that should have been reminded of the gloomy and oppressive film by Todd Phillips "The Joker". But no – in the light of the film's release, many went looking for the DC villain on Pornhub.

This was told by the site itself. A week ago, almost no one was interested in a crazy clown, but on October 6, the number of search queries about him reached almost 300 thousand.

After the release of The Joker, visitors to Pornhub were actively interested in the crazy clown | Kanobu - Image 1

But what do they find? Of course, nothing like the new Joker. Almost all of the search results are a parody of Suicide Squad starring Harley Quinn (a couple more with Batgerle Catwoman). Harley is the queen of the top game and movie characters on Pornhub since the release of "Squad" in 2016. And the Joker – well, at least now they finally remembered him.

Our top porn parody begins with an XXX banter over one of Todd Phillips’s films.
All Easter eggs in the Joker. ”

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