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StarWarsCustomCard.com – author’s blog Kevin D. Wright, that is mine. It so happened that I was used to expressing my thoughts in public, using a variety of possibilities. For example, this blog. I cannot and do not want to outline in advance the direction, boundaries and rubrication of my thoughts. If what is written here does not interest you, do not tell me about it, but rather go to any search engine and find what interests you.

about css
about css

(Basically, about the attitude to one or another social constructs and movements).

So. I am an anarchist and atheist. This is the main thing. Everything else somehow comes down to this.

I am a radical atheist. That is, I believe that all religions and quasi-religious manifestations should be destroyed, eradicated.

Adjacent to the above is the fact that I am an advocate of freedom of speech and opinion. Anyone can talk, write, draw, think anything. Including the fact that someone else may find offensive to themselves. All “laws” of states that attempt to restrict freedom of speech are fascist and anti-human and should be repealed.

In my blog you will find a lot of interesting publications. Gaming news, reviews on movies and more. I hope you will like it.

For any questions please contact me on the contact page.