Day: September 10, 2019

A frying pan is a weapon of freedom! (with)

A frying pan is a weapon of freedom! (with)

The clip of Timati and Guf has a huge number of dislikes. Already a million!

On September 7, Timati and Guf released the video "Moscow". It became remarkable that it collected a lot of negative

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The popular anime "Climbing the Shield Hero" extended for 2 and 3 seasons

The acclaimed isekai-anime "Ascent of the Shield Hero" will be continued. Two new seasons are in production right away. This

Anthony Mackie shared a funny photo of the main cast of the series Falcon and Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie (Marvel Cinematic Falcon) shared a fun photo on his Twitter account. She got the main cast of the

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What would Captain America look like if it were also a Human Torch?

Artist BossLogic inspired by the news of the upcoming Marvel series “What If?” and imagined Captain America as a Human