Day: September 3, 2019

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Astrologers announced the third of September. The number of jokes about Shufutinsky has exceeded all reasonable limits

This happens every year: in the beginning of autumn, everyone inevitably begins to joke about the song of Mikhail Shufutinsky

“To the Stars” – not “Interstellar” with Brad Pitt, but a good movie!

“To the Stars” – not “Interstellar” with Brad Pitt, but a good movie!

Photos of Hong Kong protests resemble cyberpunk movies

Hong Kong photographer Deacon Liu takes off street protests in his hometown and puts them on Instagram. It turns out

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From September 3rd! This Telegram bot will turn everyone in the photo into Mikhail Shufutinsky

Every year, September 3, we celebrate the day of the song "Third of September." A bunch of memes appear on

Andres Muschetti asked not to expect from his "Flash" horror elements in the spirit of "It"

Andres Musketti’s next film after It 2 ​​will be Flash on DC Comics. The director confirmed this to Fandango. However,

The plot of "The Last Jedi" did not spoil the idea of ​​"Star Wars" from JJ Abrams

The Last Jedi have made some important story adjustments to the Star Wars universe. But JJ Abrams, who is involved

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The network got footage from the trailer "Birds of Prey." There Harley and the black mask without a mask

While DC fans are waiting for the Bird of Prey trailer with Margot Robbie, footage from there has already arrived.

Zao's DeepFake app changes faces on video in seconds. You can insert yourself in the "Game of Thrones"

In China, the Zao application, similar to the DeepFake service, is gaining popularity. The program can quickly and easily replace

"Another cult role" – the first reviews on the "Joker"

At the 76th Venice Film Festival, the premiere of "The Joker" by Todd Phillips took place. The first reviews on