Day: August 15, 2019

LGBT bloggers believe YouTube specifically demonizes their videos

A group of LGBT bloggers filed a lawsuit against YouTube in a federal court because Google allegedly discriminated against their

A mysterious man with a television on his head leaves old televisions in other people's houses. What?!

A strange and unknown person with a television on his head is seen in Henraiko County in the US state

Idris Elba choked on sharp chicken wings and became a meme about awkward situations

Recently, Idris Elba looked at the Hot Ones online show, in which he had to eat damn sharp chicken wings

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Google tests fingerprint authorization

Google makes it easy to log in to different accounts on Android smartphones. After introducing a new function to enter

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Satyr kissed Gudkov in the new show by Mikhail Schatz “Evening Someone”

Comedian Mikhail Shatz decided to launch his own Internet show, which was called "Someone Evening." And to distinguish himself from

Mexican restaurant made a very strange advertisement with dancing Thanos on the background of mouth-watering dishes

Did you think that weird ads are only in Japan? No matter how! Just the other day, Internet users drew