Day: August 14, 2019

Madman cooked pizza with watermelon. Is it worse than with pineapple or not?

The Internet has long been joking about pizza with pineapples. But what about pizza with watermelon? Yes, this also exists.

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When mom took the girl’s smartphone, she decided to tweet using the refrigerator and consoles!

Have your parents ever taken a smartphone or Internet access? That's what happened with the 15-year-old girl Dorothy, but she

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Correctly calling the robot hero in Borderlands 3 is not “he”, but “they”. And do not dare to confuse!

In the West, now the question of choosing the right pronouns is particularly acute, and Gearbox decided to make itself

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New Telegram Update: Silent Messages and Slow Chat

The popular Telegram messenger received an update with many small but useful innovations. The application added (in the territory of

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Ikumi Nakamura received a skull from Russia, almost like that of Hideo Kojima. Only he is broken!

GhostWire Creative Director: Tokyo Ikumi Nakamura tweeted in broken Russian that she received a parcel from Russia, which turned out