Day: August 8, 2019

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Shawarma or shawarma ?! Yandex found out what the main dish of street cuisine is called in Russia

Yandex conducted a new study to find out where in Russia they like shawarma more, and where – shawarma. The

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Suddenly gloomy advertising of a browser game for girls has become a meme

Lilyʼs Garden is a banal looking browser puzzle game where you need to build your garden and make friends with

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Satyr blew Oksimiron in a new parody, reading a rap better than many artists

Ilya Satyr Shabelnikov has long won the glory of the best Russian parodist and continues to prove that he is

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And this is not cheating? Ninja Streamer has over a million Mixer subscribers!

On August 1, Ninja announced that he decided to leave Twitch for Mixer, the Microsoft streaming platform. And now he