Day: July 20, 2019

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How the Internet responded to the first trailer for The Witcher with Henry Cavill

The debut of the first trailer for The Witcher from Netflix took place at SDCC 2019. That's what they wrote

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Davidych made 1251 squats on the air in an hour and a half – sometimes he fell, but he kept his word

Autoblogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili, in an interview with Yuri Dudiu, said that while serving time in the SIZO, he watched

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On VK Fest 5, there will be video games – we tell the gamers what to do at the fest

VK Fest is a celebration of modern entertainment (just like “Canobu”), so besides music, bloggers, lecture halls, food and other

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In Russia, increased interest in porn with aliens! All because of the assault on Zone 51

In the last week, everyone is talking about the upcoming assault on Site 51 in a narutokov way. Pornhub decided

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Acquaintances as in "chatroom". The official details of the dating service Lovina from "VKontakte"

A couple of days ago we wrote about a closed group on VKontakte and working on the Lovina dating service.