Day: July 18, 2019

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Gamers stormed Zone 51 in Arma 3, but were defeated. They obviously didn’t have enough Naruto runners!

The initiative to storm the favorite ufologists Zone 51 is gaining momentum. Recently, Arma 3 hosted a massive event, in

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An official from the United States sent Tupac’s letters to his colleagues, and the next day he was fired.

In June, Jerry Foxhoven, head of the Iowa Department of Social Services, who served in this position for about two

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Forget Zone 51. Now we are storming the Bermuda Triangle in the costumes of the heroes of "Sponge Bob"

The assault on the mysterious Zone 51 is scheduled for September, and many are already experiencing that civilians will not

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The assault on Zone 51 will be broadcast live. Take a look?

The craziest meme of the summer of 2019 is the assault on Site 51, scheduled for September. People discuss it