Day: July 11, 2019

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Star of the "People in Black" Rip Thorn died

The Entertainment Weekly journalists shared a very sad news: the actor Elmore Royal Thorn Jr., also known as Rip Thorn,

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Are you either a jock or paunch? Jason Momoa accused of being different from Aquaman in real life

Paparazzi published photos of Jason Momoa during his family vacation. Toxic commentators immediately began to do bodyshaming: how so, why

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Theory: The chameleon in the Marvel's universe universe will be a scruff. And we have already shown it

Even before the release of Spider-Man: Away from Home, Marvel fans suggested that the film will feature a long-time opponent

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A tyrannosaur race was held in the USA. We need such an Olympic discipline!

The race of horses is a common thing, and it does not cause much interest in many. But what about

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Polish trolls are planning to post an old TV series on torrents on the day of the release of The Witcher from Netflix

While the whole world is tensely awaiting the release of the Witcher series from Netflix with Henry Cavill in the

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Penny was raging. In "It 2" will be very cruel moments, says James McAvoy

New photos of the key characters of the film "Ono 2" decorated the covers of Entertainment Weekly magazine. In an

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What do the American Pie heroes look like twenty years later

Entertainment Tonigh has a brief interview with the heroes of the film American Pie. The journalists did it for a