Month: July 2019

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How much to endure from the release of a movie or episode of the series to a discussion of spoilers

The question of spoilers will never cease to be hot and relevant. MusicMagpie conducted a survey among two thousand Britons

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Young Chinese streamer was a woman in the age. But she was revered as a goddess!

Your Highness Qiao Biluo is a popular Chinese blogger who is honored by some as a goddess. And recently, during

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Import Substitution: Russia has compiled a list of alternatives to popular foreign applications

In connection with the preparation of the law on the installation of domestic analogs of popular applications on all foreign

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On Twitch will be SlutStream. All for the sake of the fight against sexism

July 30 on the twitch will be "whore" (this is not our notion, it is officially called SlutStream). Its organizer

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Jim Carrey as the Hulk? The Internet offers terrible choices of actors as marvel heroes

Twitter hasntag #terribleMCUcasting. If you walk through it, you’ll find people casting actors for famous superheroes. Needless to say that

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Damn cool cosplay of the main heroine of Cyberpunk 2077. Even the authors of the game worked on it!

Yesterday, model Irina Meyer published a small photoset in her social networks, in which she appeared as Vi, the main

"Islamic State" recruits recruits using video games

Radicals from the "Islamic State" use famous video games to attract new supporters. This is stated in a note on

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Rammstein leader so hurried to the Moscow concert that he sat down at the controls of the plane

On July 29, the Rammstein group will perform in the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium (and in St. Petersburg on August 2).

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Niko, Nero, Dante and Virgil in a stunning cosplay Devil May Cry 5

Photographer Nikolai Zharov published a fresh themed photoset on Devil May Cry 5 in his VKontakte VKontakte, in which models

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This is a twist: Xiaomi launched Mi Express delivery service

Chinese giant Xiaomi has opened its own delivery service in China called Mi Express. The service delivers various goods, including