Day: June 6, 2019

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Ksenia Sobchak spoke about trying to reconcile BadComedian and Kinodanz. Bedu has something to say to that.

Ksenia Sobchak recorded a video in which she described how she tried to help Eugene BadComedian Bazhenov in his confrontation

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Streamer playing in Mordhau … with a griddle. This is something new

Have you ever seen people go through games in a completely insane way? For example, Ornstein is killed with Smoog

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Maddison returned the channel on Twitch. Shot on stream recognized unreal

In the public Ilya Maddison there was a message about the unban on twitch. It states that the administration of

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Dmitry Puchkov sided with BadComedian and promised to help pay a fine of one million rubles

Dmitry Puchkov, better known on the Internet as Goblin, announced on the air of NSN that he and his colleagues

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Nickelodeon launched the production of the cartoon on the extremely viral video Baby Shark

Channel Nickelodeon began work on the animated series on a very viral video Baby Shark. The latter at the time