Day: May 11, 2019

The most powerful show with men in shorts – how and why to watch WWE Wrestlemania 35

The most powerful show with men in shorts – how and why to watch WWE Wrestlemania 35

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It became known who in the "Avengers: Final" was supposed to play the star "13 reasons why"

The Rousseau brothers revealed who in the Avengers: The Finals was to be played by the star “13 reasons why”

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What the world is like “Away from home”, and how the Spider will live in it – in a new interview with the director

Directed by John Watts gave an interview for Fandango about the movie "Spiderman: Away from Home". It contains spoilers for

Irish boy saved his grandfather thanks to the skills from Grand Theft Auto

Charlie Cullen with his grandfather, father and radio host Brenda Donahue. Image source: RTE 11-year-old Charlie Cullen from the village

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This is how the Avengers: Final events really influenced the Hulk.

Avengers: Finals director Joe Rousseau gave an interview for ComicBook. Among the various issues, there was a conversation about the

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Chris Evans published a video from the filming of the "Final". The last stronghold of morality fell

Chris Evans tweeted a video from the set of Avengers: Final. Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Olsen have already done so.

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These scenes of The Avengers: The Finals could have been completely different. Even with other heroes

According to the story "Avengers: The Final", the heroes have to go through a lot of difficulties before the last