Day: April 9, 2019

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Media: MTS is going to buy the largest Internet cinema in Russia ivi.ru

RBC journalists, citing their own sources, said that MTS is negotiating a 100% acquisition of the leading online cinema in

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Anonymous millionaire wants to organize a real "royal battle" on a private island

The HushHush service (an analogue of Amazon for the very rich) announced that it would help the millionaire anonymous arrange

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Hot Demon Hunter Cosplay from Diablo III

Cosplayer Irina Meyer published a stunning photoset on her VKontakte page, where she appeared as a Demon Hunter from Diablo

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Canadian premiere tranry exposed in video game

Rocketfuel Games has released the mobile runner Aura of Power, dedicated to the former Prime Minister of the Canadian province

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Californians can trade fierce ice cream games

Ed berberian In October 2014, in the California district of Marin, it will be possible to exchange violent video games

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In the word "comic" found the name of the drug. The store “Chuk and Geek” already has a small problem with it.

Employees of the comic store "Chuk and Gik" told on their twitter that their customers using Beeline services do not