Day: April 5, 2019

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The realtor reported to the police on the developer of the game about nuclear war

A realtor from the UK turned to the police, visiting the developer Henry Smith, who is preparing a game about

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Xiaomi stops supporting seven smartphones from the Redmi series

At the official forum of the company Xiaomi there was a message about the imminent termination of the official support

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This achievement: Windows 10 will teach you to postpone large updates and install them at a convenient time

Microsoft told about the possibilities of the May update of the Windows 10 operating system under the logical name May

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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 updated: Game Turbo mode, 4K video recording and a lot of new features

The budget flagship Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has received a new stable firmware MIUI 10.3.4 Stable. With a weight of 515

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April 4 – page 404 day. Blizzard and Marvel approached its design very creatively!

The online magazine Skyeng in honor of the fourth of April gathered a selection of interesting pages 404, which welcome

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Chinese students fooled Apple by sending a fake iPhone to the service and receiving real ones in return.

Chinese students who studied in Oregon have long been deceived by Apple. The catch was revealed only now, and savvy

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Snapchat creator's sister will open a porn site for women without videos and photos

Caroline Spiegel, sister of the founder of Snapchat, announced that she will launch her own porn site called Quinn, intended

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CinemaCon showed two scenes from Avengers: Final. That's what was there

Disney showed two scenes from Avengers: The Finals at the ComicCon event. The IGN edition was there and retold their

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David Harbor joins Black Widow cast

The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Harbor joined the caste of the solo film about the Black Widow, who was

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Two times cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S10 +: Xiaomi Mi 9 flagship came to Russia

In addition to the state-owned Redmi 7, the company Xiaomi launches sales of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 9 in