Day: April 4, 2019

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Conor MacGregor still decided not to leave MMA. Pre-offending Habib and his wife

Irish MMA star Conor McGregor announced on his Twitter account that he decided not to leave the sport. How else

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How much do the actors of the “Game of Thrones” earn compared to actors from other major TV series?

The Business Insider portal decided to calculate how much the actors from the “Game of Thrones” earn – and how

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The first official Naruto restaurant opened in Shanghai

The world's first official Naruto ramen restaurant opened in Shanghai. His name was taken directly from the anime and manga

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The art director of God of War showed how Wolverine could look like in the Marvel Cinema Universe. Very cool!

With most Fox moving to Disney, movie-comic fans are waiting for X-Men to appear in Marvel films. The artist and

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Named the ten most powerful Android-smartphones in the world

This week we have already published ten of the most productive Android smartphones in March, according to the benchmark AnTuTu.

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Briton suing his Xbox Live son

A resident of the British city Ilfrakomb Yen Holmes said to the police for the twenty-year-old son Daniel, who spent

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It turns out that the Rousseau brothers did not know about the meme about Thanos and the Ant Man!

Before the premiere of Avengers: The Final, a meme-theory spread on the Internet about how superheroes defeat the villain Thanos

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Once and done: Adobe After Effects learned how to easily remove unwanted objects from video

For Adobe After Effects video editor, an update has been released that allows you to quickly remove unwanted places or

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The network was a bunch of new posters "Avengers: Final". You are not tired yet?

On twitter Marvel Thailand have posted new character posters for the Avengers: Final. It depicts only the heroes who survived

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Directed by "Avengers: Finals" brothers Rousseau admitted that they would like to make a film about Wolverine

Directed by "War of Infinity" and "Avengers: Finals" brothers Russo admitted that they really would like to make a film