Day: April 3, 2019

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Jack Black in a new video plays Crash Bandicoot with Nebula and begging spoilers for Avengers 4

Jack Black, if you do not know, launched his YouTube channel JablinskiGames. In the new video, he called Karen Gillan,

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Niko's bombing cosplay from Devil May Cry V. Even the author of the game appreciated him!

Cosplayer ContraMundi presented a small photoset in which she appeared in the image of Niko from Devil May Cry 5

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Moscow rally for free Internet supported PewDiePie in the fight against T-Series

On Sunday, March 10, a rally in support of the free Internet organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia and

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Samsung Space Monitor has been released in Russia. He does not take up space on the table

Samsung has released a monitor in the territory of Russia called Space Monitor. Unusual leg, which is mounted on the

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In Japan, a porn company wants to generate electricity with the help of virgins

Did you miss the news from Japan? Then get it: the Japanese porn company wants to use the energy of

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Mouse (krodetsya) and other relevant "memes" on the channel "Russia 1"

On March 13, in the issue “Morning of Russia” on the channel “Russia 1”, leading Barbara Ermakova gave a few

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The network has an image of the costume of Mysterio from Away from Home. With an aquarium on your head!

In the new "Spider-Man" appears Mysterio, who, judging by the trailers, at least the first time will be on the

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Yutuber added Deadpool's Avengers to the new trailer. It became much better

On the channel animator Mightyracoon! released the updated trailer "Avengers: Final" with Deadpool in the lead role. The talkative mercenary

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Xiaomi Pocophone F1's Poco Launcher got a dark theme. The application is available to everyone

Xiaomi Pocophone F1, the flagship killer launcher, has long been available for download on Google Play. And now for the

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In the new video from the filming of "The Witcher" from Netflix you can admire the majestic castle

A new video from the filming of The Witcher by Netflix in Hungary has appeared on the Web. In it