Month: April 2019

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PewDiePie called for an end to the meme “subscribe to PewDiePie”. He is very serious

On the PewDiePie channel a video was released calling for an end to the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme. Yutuber says

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In the new funny video for "The Avengers: Finals" Thanos wins … Geralt of Rivia ?!

Popular yutuber Grandayy dedicated his new movie "The Avengers: Final". In it, the author fantasized how kinokomiks could end. For

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Thanos came to us on the Internet! His Glove sprays half the requests

If you now type in Google “Thanos” or “Glove of Infinity”, you will be given not only the pages with

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The artist combined the characters "JoJo" and poses from Overwatch. It turned out a real masterpiece!

The manga and anime "JoJo's incredible adventures" are known for the character's artsy poses, and Overwatch for the Best Moment

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Donation Alerts talked with Glad Valakas – so that young people, this is the same, do not degrade

Donation Alerts interviewed Streamer Glad Valakas, who became famous for his grandfather manner, thanks to his voice and spawned a

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The most popular emoji in runet are 🔥, ❤️ and 😂

The analytical team of the organization Noosphere Technologies analyzed over 250 million messages from 2016 to 2019 from various social

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PornHub revealed which Marvel heroes are most often searched on the site. Captain Marvel comes first!

The Pornhub analyst team on its blog said that after the appearance of various leaks and spoilers of the long-awaited

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At Comic Con SPB come the actors who played Connor and Tracy from Detroit: Become Human

The organizers of Comic Con Saint Petersburg announced in their public domain VKontakte that this year the event will be

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Unusual cosplay by John Snow and Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

Photographer PUGOFFKA published a small but damn fascinating photoset in his VKontakte public, in which models Sergey Ametist and Anna

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Ilon Musk raged: he would post anime memes and respond in Russian [обновлено]

Ilon Mask does not behave at all as it should be for a successful billionaire, but everyone loves him for